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Coreyoria World Tour

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

I'm back and better than ever.

15 September 2005
Good news, kids: I'm home safe and sound. After a solid 13 hours of international travel, I reached St. Louis. My flights went well; only one minor delay coming from Detroit to St. Louis, but it was all good. No jet lag yet. I also don't really believe in jet lag. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. We'll see how that works. They make you jump through some hoops to get into this country, but it's good to be back (for now). :-D

If anything super cool or interesting happens in my life, I will surely make a post, but that might not be until my next adventure or if I think of something about my last one that I want to reflect on. In any case, stay tuned-in, shoot me an email, or give me a call.

Bye for now,

P.S. This is a shout-out to my peeps in Como: Woot! I'm coming in tomorrow (Friday) afternoon/eveningish! Can't wait to see you all!

Amsterdam is the kind of place where you don't know what to think. So you just watch.

13 September 2005
Amsterdam is one crazy town. I'm going to spare the details since we have a mixed-age audience potentially reading this blog, but if you're curious for details, ask me when I get back. Wild, that's all I can really say. No judgement expressed on that, although there are plenty of judgements running through my mind. Last night was ... whoa, quite the eye-opener. Went to the red-light district. Okay, leaving it at that.

But I am here, nonethless, safe and sound in this grimey hostel, my last European destination. Today is for last-minute shopping and wandering, before our canal cruise tonight and our last dinner as a group. We're going to the Sea Palace, a huge Chinese restaurant that sits on the water. Maybe I'll get me some wooden Dutch clogs. Well, off to explore the town, on this last day with my chicas.

Flight info: I'm leaving Amsterdam tomorrow, Sept. 14 at 1:00pm, flying into Detroit, and then making a connecting flight to St. Louis. I should be arriving into St. Louis around 5:00pm, at which point you should feel free to bombard me with phonecalls! I've missed you all!

Ciao, ciao, cheese!

I could live here. Easily.

10 September 2005
I'm sitting in the amazing Swiss mountain town of Lauterbrunnen, world reknowned for their cascading waterfalls. Our chauteau happens to look right out on one and they light it up at night, which is spectacular. I'm pretty proud of myself because today I went mountain-biking in the Swiss Alps, and it was so hardcore! We started off this morning (Me, Greg, Luke, & Trent) by renting bikes from reception and we didn't really know what our plan was but we decided to go with the flow. Our first stop wasTrummelbach, the only remaining glacier-fed waterfall inside of a mountain still visible by human eyes left within Europe. The waterfall went like a corkscrew through the black rock, made slick from centuries incredibly forceful water pumping it's way down into the river below. We climbed to the top and the water was loud, beating down with tons of power. After we left Trummelbach, we headed to Stechelberg, where we took our bikes up the mountainside via cablecar, first to Gimmelwald, then on to Murren. From there we road across the face of the Swiss Alps and made a possible wrong turn that ended up being phenomenal. At first our ride was easy and beautiful, but after a short time, we were forced to dismount and walk/carry instead, being as we were 6,000 ft in the air, and the width of the trail soon diminshed into merely a foot wide. Not to mention the rocks and drizzle - they don't provide too much traction. But it was all worth it, every second, because after the cows with their bells moved from being in our way, we soon entered into what looked like a Swiss rainforest. There were ferns, moss-covered rocks, huge mushrooms, and trees without visible tops. It looked like a scene from Lord of the Rings. We kept riding when we could, and then more walking, you get the pattern. We were gone for probably 4 hours, at least 2 or 3 of which was riding. But risking our lives in order to be able to see the snow-capped peaks in the distance, riding past lazy cows on the side of the path, meeting locals, flying down curvy gravel streets, and finding unimgainable landscapes and views made all of the danger worth it. I'm covered in mud, but beaming from ear to ear. I can say it was the most intense biking I've ever done, but hey - I rode a bike through the Swiss Alps! And I've got a picture of myself holding my bike over my head atop the mountain to prove it (will be my next facebook photo for sure, hehe)!
Tomorrow we're heading back into Germany, to St. Goar, in the Rhine River Valley. Basically I'll be sitting in a bus all day. From there, we go through Belgium and then on to my final destination of Amsterdam. I'm seriously not ready for this adventure to end. The way I'm seeing it is that I'll just be putting it on pause, because I don't want to think that this will be the only and last time I hike these mountains ... or see any of the cities, oceans, museums, cultures, people that I've seen. I'm ready for the tour to end though, seeing as 37 days is a long time to spend with the same people day in and day out. But there are a fabulous few who I know I'll be in touch with forever because we've experienced some of the most unique things together and that will build a bond like none other. I'm looking forward to winding down a little, but it's official - I've got the travel bug ... and once you've got it, I'm afraid there is no cure.
Looking forward to seeing and talking to you all when I get back!
Lots of love,

Internet cafes steal all your money and don't give you enough time.

08 September 2005
Today I threw myself off the side of a mountain! You heard me right. I went paragliding in the Austrian Alps on a tandem jump. Everything was very safe and amazing; my instructor has been doing this for 13 years and is a 5 times Austrian paragliding champion. This came after our 25K bike ride up the side of the mountain this morning. The tour has moved from focusing on the cities to exploring the countryside and the sports it has to offer. Yesterday I went white-water rafting on a grade 3 river and I had never been before so that was interesting. But this place is so green and beautiful, rolling hills with quaint Germanic people and traditional Bavarian style homes. Probably the most fantastic landscape I have ever seen. If Switzerland is supposed to be even more beautiful ... well, I just can't imagine that.

Sorry, I haven't written an entry in some time, but it's been very go-go-go the past week or so. We left Mykonos straight for Athens, where we toured the ruins and only stayed for a day. From Athens we sailed the Adriatic Sea, pulling into the magnifiscent port of Venice before making our way to the "fair city of Verona," a lovely and romantic place indeed. Then, we headed back to Venice for 2 days where we wandered and explored and purposely "got lost," which is easy to do in a city with no roads. We even took a motorboat to get back and forth from our campsite. Then came the magical and musical city of Vienna, where a couple or girls and myself rented bikes and toured the city cyclo-style. Also atteneded a classical concert and found a sushi restaurant, which pretty much made me a happy gal. Then came Munich, and the markets there were amazing ... I don't have time to talk about much else, only a couple of minutes left here. Right now we're in Hopfgarten and tomorrow we make our way into Switzerland. There are lots of huge details and such that I've left out, but I'll just have to catch you all up when I get home ... IN A WEEK. Whoa. I'm ready and I'm not. I miss the people, but Europe has been fabulous.


Mixed emotions.

03 September 2005
Despite that fact that I had an awesome day here in Venice, I am brought right back down to earth with news of all of the horrific going-ons in what is left of New Orleans. It looks like a third-world country and I am having trouble understanding why hardly any action is being taken to recitify the situation at hand. Is it because the people that are stuck in the superdome are the poor black people and the government doesn't care about them? What the f*** is going on? It seems seriously messed up. When I first saw the footage of the damage and the corpses lining the streets I was on the ferry from Greece to Venice and I started crying because I had no idea the situation was so bad. It looks out of control and was such a shock for me to see. Any new news regarding the situation? Are they going to get the remaining thousands out of the dome or are they going to leave them there until they all rot and die? I feel sick to my stomach.

I want to write about all of the good things in my life right now, but I just don't feel that it would be appropriate given the current situation. So I will continue to pray for them because what else can I do ... Meanwhile, know that I am happy, healthy, and safe. I am continuing to have an amazing time and I will post on what I have been up to sometime hopefully in the next couple of days. I have recently been to the fair city of Verona and also to Venice, where I am now as I type this entry. I really love Italy. We still have yet to travel to Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands before I make my way home from Amsterdam on the 14th.

Love and miss you guys,