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Coreyoria World Tour

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Israel Quest

17 October 2005
Plans for a new adventure are in the works. Amy and I are planning our Birthright Israel trips for late December, early January. This means 10 days in Israel, the only cost to me being a deposit, plane tickets to my take-off destination, and food while in Israel. The Birthright program is intended to establish bonds between those with Jewish heritage and their homeland.

Amy and myself, neither of us being all that religious, decided to go on a trip focusing more on the natural, physical land of Israel, with other educational aspects being complementary to it. I really want to experience the land itself, in a raw sense. Israel Quest, a trip designed I believe with a person like me in mind, is one of the trips offered by Israel Outdoors. So we've applied and sent in the deposits, waiver forms, and online applications. After an interview and maybe a few other minor arrangements, this trip will be settled.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing a different, volatile, and important region of the world. When I get more information on the specifics of my trip, I'll be sure to post the details.

Dresden Revisited

10 October 2005
Anonymous said...

I'm doing a report on Dresden for a German class I take in the evenings and wondered if you know anything else about it that isn't in a brochure.

10/10/05 12:58

Well ...

Probably not too too much. Any information I've learned has been from tours, etc. And that's probably the same information you'd find in a brochure. Just by searching the net you'll probably be able to find anything you're looking for. One thing that did interest me was that the city of Dresden is still in the process of rebuilding the city after all of the destruction that occurred toward the end of WWII. Seeing the comparison of the city at that point with photos of all the reconstruction that has been done was unbelievable. Being able to compare those pictures might show you the progress they've made. However, there's still much left to do. They were in the middle of a huge project when I was there. I think they were renevating a church (I could be mistaken) and they were making a replicate of the old one that used to stand there, even using some bricks from the original structure. Also cool was the Volkswagon manufacturing plant constructed out of glass so you could see the cars being made. It's apparently state of the art. I'm checking my travel journal to see if there's anything else I've left out. Oh, many things were invented in Dresden. For example: toothpaste tubes, mouthwash, and bras amongst other things. Dresden was also the birthplace of German Baroque architecture. One other aspect I found to be pretty cool is that they have all of this land set aside right around the city, and people who live within the city get these little plots of land with garden sheds so that they have some space to do their gardening even though they're living within the city. I'm no history buff, but I hope this helps. Looks like I need to learn more about Dresden myself. I've been meaning to read a book on European history and the major cities now that I'm back. I think it will really help give more meaning to the places I've traveled.