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Coreyoria World Tour

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”


Favorite city so far: Roma!!! Oh man oh man. I spent today touring
Roma with my American buddy, Cassie. The day started out rough, seeing
as I was inappropriately dressed this morning for our walking tour (it
was raining and cold, I was wearing a skirt and tank-top, no
umbrella), so Cassie and I decided to head back to camp and get on
some proper attire. Well by the time we made it back into Roma, we
would have had to leave right away if we went on the bus with everyone
else at 4:30. So, we decided it would be best to just do our own
thing. We explored the colloseum ... 2,000 years of history under your
feet and all around you is something that is just inexplicable. We
toured a palace nearby that has been excavated from the times of
Imperial Rome. It was once under newer structures and has been
unearthed. We walked down the main strip of town, right down the
middle. In other words, we divided and conquered Rome! The campsite
was miles from the train which was a half hour from the metro. In all,
I would venture to guess we walked for about 7 hours and 20 miles. I
ate my fair share of eggplant and tomato paninis and drank LOTS of
water. The highlight of the night was definitely when we got beraded
by an angry Italian man on the metro because we put our aching feet on
the plastic seats in front of us. Something about dirty Americans and
a very passionate waving middle finger. I tried not to laugh because
we obviously upset him some, but it really capped off our day in Rome.
Everyone else was incredibly friendly and the transportation was
fantastic. Tomorrow we head to Pompei and then take a ferry across to
the Greek island of Corfu. Time to go get packing; another very early
day tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in on me,

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23/8/05 13:17

Greetings from Angad and Brendan. We just had a live reading of half your latest blog entry, set to drum beats in a smoke-filled incense room. Your on-the-road style of writing is akin to Kerouac and we dig it, man.    

25/8/05 11:35

Aww, thanks guys - can you do a reinactment when I get back? Kerouac probably wouldn't appreciate the comparison, but I sure do. Miss you guys!    

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