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Coreyoria World Tour

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Mullets are cool. I swear.

Mullets are cool, well at least here they are. Inspired by the
veritable multitude of European mullets bouncing around on the
streets, today I ventured to Toni & Guy's to get myself a more
fashionable do. It's not quite a "cullet." A "cullet" for those who
don't know, is also defined as a curly mullet. No, I don't really have
one of those. And no, it's not backwoods country-style or anything,
but it is really layered and funky. I'm quite please with my
overpriced London hairstyle. I wish I could post a picture ... but I
can't, so I won't. She spent all of this time afterwards individually
twisting my hair into curls that were pantene hair-commercial
material. I never knew it could look so good. And it probably never
will again because I certainly don't have that kind of patience!

Last night Sarah and I went on a haunted tour of London, which wasn't
all that scary, but the stories our tour guide told were fun and
entertaining and it was a nice way to walk the city by night. It might
have been a smidge unethical, but we just blended ourselves into the
crowd and never paid our £5.50. Believe me, London has enough of my
money anyway. I did feel kind of bad, but I'm sure there were plenty
of other good people who actually paid. That said, our free tour was
awesome! :-) There are many a haunted buildings, theatres, flats, and
parks here in London. I might do another walking tour tomorrow if I
get around to it. I'm definitely going to go to Notting Hill &
Portobello market (recommendations give to me by my hair stylist,
Jude) and on Sunday, I was advised to check out Brick Lane and
something else I can't remember. Shoot. Maybe it will come to me. We
also got some pretty good Chinese food last night after walking
through Piccadilly Circus to Chinatown. Tonight we're probably going
to try catching a show; I'm hoping we can get tickets at a decent
price, but it is Friday. Can you even believe it's Friday?! Zoinks.
This is going by sooo quickly.

Also, I explored Tate Modern yesterday during the day and was given a
free interactive audio guide with palm pilot and part of a survey they
were conducting after you were done. So again, a free tour. Hehe. I
loved that museum by the way. It was probably the best art museum I've
ever been to. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to the Frida Kahlo
exhibit because I didn't have time. However, I did see mostly
everything else. I'd better go now - my time's running low.

Only a couple more days here ... before I meet up with my tour peoples
on Monday. So far, I've loved it here, met very nice people, and I've
heard great things about everywhere else I am heading. Take care
everyone! I miss you guys.

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7/8/05 09:46

Hi Corey

I just had a look at one of your links about the Fortress Königstein. I recognized that you posted the wrong link, which refers to a castle close to Frankfurt. I would like to send you the right link, which is http://www.festung-koenigstein.de/. I hope you had a great time in London. I wish you the best for the following weeks! Take care. Micha and Denise    

7/8/05 12:28

Thanks for noticing that, Denise. I've made the change in my links section. Good eye! Hope you're enjoying the rest of your break. Tell everyone thanks again!

9/8/05 19:08

I can't wait to see the cullet!!! Miss you corey!
-Lucy Gossett    

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