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Coreyoria World Tour

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Gutten Tag.

Hello! I made it here to Germany safe and sound. All of my flights
went very smoothly, no problems really. Traveling for about 15 hours
went by much faster than I'd expected. My sleep pattern is a little
messed up, but not bad. Everyone here is so friendly, but I feel bad
that I can barely communicate with anyone who's not speaking English.
The village I am staying in is very small. It's called Reichwalde and
there are about 600 people. Good news is that absolutely no one can
tell I'm American. Yay. They find out real soon, of course, when I
can't understand them or speak any German. Last night I went to the
annual summer festival. I've already whizzed around on the Autobahn
and traveled to the town of Bautzen for some sight-seeing. The
countryside is beautiful and covered in dense forest where it has not
been cleared for farms and fields. I just went to a race where the
contestants had to do old fashioned things like catch a fish with
their hands, cut grass with a syke, cut a piece of wood with an old
hand saw, wheel an old wheelbarrow, paddle through a lake seated in a
pig's trough. It was funny especially when a little boy accidentally
got smacked with a fish that jumped out of the holding tank and one
man's trough was leaking and sank in the lake. Well I'd better go.
Denise made me some tea and it's getting cold!


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25/7/05 17:06

Vüt (German for woot). You made it to Germany!    

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