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Coreyoria World Tour

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Pimms, anyone?

Hello and g'day! I'm once again stationed in the cheap internet cafe above the McDonald's down the street from Larimer's flat. I'm falling quite hard for London. This city is seriously fantastic. Last night Sarah and I did this whirlwind megatour of some of London's more notable tourist attractions: Big Ben, Westminster, and a million gazillion other sites. We walked a ton and everywhere, meandering through Spitafields Market, eating tradition sausage and mash at S&M (stands for, you guessed it - Sausage & Mash) veggie style, stopping for a Pimms (a rather delicious fruity summer drink that I'll be learning how to make as soon as I step foot back onto American soil), stumbling upon a huge gay parade close to Chinatown, walking through lovely Hyde Park at dusk, stopping to watch the swans a swimming, then traversing back across some posh and expensive residential areas, and finally landing back at Larimer's flat. Lucky for me, several roommates have already returned home to the States so I have a bed and everything. I'm bunking with Sarah! Today I took it kind of leisurely getting ready seeing as yesterday started at 4 am for me and didn't end until maybe 1 am. I was exhausted! All of the flying, tubing (hehe), walking, and amazement had me TIRED. We had an absolutely awesome time yesterday, though. I had a great introduction to London.

Today I headed out to the British Museum where I wandered around for about 2 hours. Among the coolest things I saw were a piece from the beard of the Great Sphinx and huge Grecian columns, some things dating back as far as 1,000 BC or more. After I grew bored with the endless British stash of artifacts from around the world (unbelievable amounts of stuff, really), I decided to search for a vegetarian restaurant I'd read about called Food for Thought. After snapping some photos and consulting my handy pocket map, I finally found my way to Neal St. in Covenant Garden, where the restaurant was situated, which was good because after all of my walking, I was famished. I had a great bowl of Vietnamese Eggplant Tofu stew that was chock full of veggies and that fueled me for a lot more walking and wandering. I bought a watch because I'd been suffering without one - I never even thought about the fact that I would have my cell phone to check the time! I walked in and out of lots of shops and even bought the British fashion accessory of choice - the pashmina. And unfortunately, you pretty much need it because the weather here is pretty chilly. It's constantly going from hot to cold and I keep finding myself removing layers and then putting them all back on.

Navigating the tube has been a cinch, though unfortunately most of the Piccadilly Line is shut down due to recent events. That would be the main line to get me into the heart of where I want to go. That's okay though because I'm having to do a little more exploring this way. After I'm done here, I'm going to travel to the AP Bureau to meet up with Sarah before heading to Tate Modern. It's really easy to accomplish a lot in a little amount of time here.

That about does it for now, but I'll check back in soon, so you should, too. :-)

Thanks, love. Hehe.
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1/8/05 13:29

Rock on. I think I accomplished just about the same yesterday. HA. Re-iiight. You're the best.    

2/8/05 05:49

You blogging maniac. Wow. What a great blog entry. I felt as though I was there with you. You had me worried when I was reading that sausage thing. What a relief when I saw you had veggie sausage. Amazingly, London has always been one place I really wanted to go to. I think it's because when I was in 5th grade a boy named Gary? went and came back with an orange corderoy suit with a cool hat. He was the first kid I ever knew who really "traveled." Well now my own kid is a "traveler." Have fun, be careful.
Love, MOM    

2/8/05 11:03

Hey Sweety,

It's great reading all your traveling experiences. We all (Denise, Micha, Caro, Mathias, my mom and dad and of course also Birgit and Dani) hope that you'll have a great time in Europe. Try to see as much as you can! If you have problems seeing everything in such a short time, come and stay with us one more time. Take care. Denise    

2/8/05 16:23

Well, it sounds like you are having the time of your life. It must be wonderful doing things on your own and at your own pace. I sent the kids another installemnt of your journey. They are really enjoying it. So glad you are enjoying yourself. Be Safe in your travels. Love you, Aunt Robin    

4/8/05 10:45

Thanks everyone, for reading and commenting. It's great to hear from you all. Denise, thanks for everything - I had a FANTASTIC time in Germany! To my mother and aunt, I'm having fun and being careful ... don't worry about me! I miss you all. Bye-bye!    

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