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Coreyoria World Tour

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Don't Worry

In light of recent events, we're postponing our trip to Petra until things cool down (and hopefully they will).

So please rest at ease and know I'm safe.

Instead, I'm going to go snorkeling with Sarah in the Red Sea this Sunday (the link brings you to her fab Flickr photos). Snorkeling is safe and beautiful. :)

Last night hiked the desert under the full moon. We didn't even need flashlights, the moon was so big and bright. We made pitas over open fire and dined by the light of the moon. Dreamy sigh.

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13/7/06 14:18

Thanks for posting that you're safe. I was reading about the violence and then instantly went to coreyoriaworld to check on you!

Glad you're well.
I miss you,

13/7/06 15:07

Please, please, please be safe. Everyone misses you.    

13/7/06 22:53

hey girl, glad you are safe. i heard about everything and my thoughts went out to you. miss you roomie!
love, thris    

14/7/06 00:30

Keep safe and continue to enjoy your time in Israel. It sounds like you've enjoyed yourself thus far. I hope it simmers down and you're able to visit Haifa. It was my favorite Israeli city.    

14/7/06 16:35

hey corey, i am so happy to hear that you are safe! i have been thinking about you. enjoy the rest of your journey and live it up!

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