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Coreyoria World Tour

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

"You really float through life good."

My apologies - I have been rather slack about updating this blog. It seems odd too, since really I have nothing to do. I spend my days idly after work, flipping through a book and of course, going to the pool.

But between dancing for endless hours on pub nights (my dancaholic nature is back in full gear - I've been there for closing all 3 pub nights I've been here!), watching the Mondial on a large projector screen in the dining hall with hoards of screaming kibbutznik children, galavanting to Eilat so a friend could get his hair cut and another her plane tickets, planning, crafting, talking, drinking, eating ... well ... it's easy to see how one's time evaporates like water here in the desert.

Already we've been losing some volunteers and gaining others. It's the nature of the game, but it's easy to get attached to someone in a very short time when you're living in a dorm-like situation. And while I'm not particularly fond of everyone here, there are lots of great people and no one that I despise either. I feel very calm and relaxed. Hopefully this won't fade like a tan when I return home and I'll be able to take life a little more "one step at a time."

I can also now say that I've been swimming in the Red Sea. It's very boyant and my friend Arielle and I enjoyed ourselves as we imagined and acted out moves from "The Matrix" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." I'm contemplating taking a scuba diving course either in Eilat or Egypt when I'm done with my stint here at the kibbutz. Possibly a 5-day beginners course so that I can get my certification and go diving anywhere in the world. What a dream come true! I think this would be outstanding. The coral reefs in Egypt are supposed to be some of the most breath-taking and unique in the world. I'm going to look into it. Another option would be taking a ferry or flight to Greece for a week (soooooo tempting and inexpensive from here!).

This weekend, my friends Sarah, Doron, and I are tentatively planning to travel to Petra in Jordan to explore the ancient ruins and go camping in the desert:
About Petra

The feeling of nothingness out here is something I've never experienced before. Especially when you go out to the sand dunes or away from the kibbutz and all you can see is sand and rock and all you can hear is the wind whispering in your ears; there is nothing. You can't see anything living. You can't hear a thing besides the sound of your own thoughts.

The most beautiful sight here is when the sun is setting. The mountains turn red as the sun dips down behind them. Then the air becomes tolerably cool and the moon shines like a giant orb against the pitch black sky. I've never seen so many stars in my life and when you drive away from the kibbutz, the milky way explodes out of the darkness. Phenomenal.

What else? I'm sure there's more to tell. I still need to take more pictures of the kibbutz; I've been working on just living in the moment and enjoying this place and the people surrounding me so my interest in photography has somewhat fallen by the wayside. One of these days though ... one of these days.

An Israeli guy that I met here told me a few nights ago that I "float through life good" and that I just had "a very good energy." Apparently it's a saying here in Israel - "to float through life well," but I just thought it was one of the nicest things I've ever heard. To me it seemed a very un-generic compliment.

Missing you and hoping all's well,
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10/7/06 20:13

Hi Corey! I miss you girl. And I would have to agree with the man...you float through life just right!    

12/7/06 09:27

Cassman! What great timing! Just yesterday I was telling someone here about how wonderful you were to travel with and how much they'd like you. And the other day I told some girls about P.A.'s! Hehehe. Miss you bunches!    

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