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Coreyoria World Tour

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Israel Ahoy!

I'm getting pretty settled in here and my everyday is starting to resemble something like a Jewish summer camp. Besides cleaning rooms, I spend my time playing Belgium 11 in the swimming pool, socializing by starlight, wandering around in the killer heat, reading, listening to everyones' stories, and searching for trash that becomes treasure with some imagination. It's not a bad life, not at all. And the people have really been great, too. I finally got a roomie a few days ago. Her name is Ariella and she's from Manchester, England. I've befriended Swedes, Canadians, Israelis ... and people are coming and going all of the time here. The food is good. Lots of veggie options and today for lunch there was some kind of zucchini pine-nut falafel concoction that was wow.

Things are going to be picking up starting tomorrow at the hotel where I work, so things will start to get more hectic. The sun just doesn't stop shining here and everyone walks everywhere with hats and water bottles for protection from the sun. Today I had to sweep around the hotel walkways during the peak of the heat. Now I know what it's like to sweat. It's been getting close to 115 degrees F every day.

I've taken a bunch of photos from friends who went on my Birthright trip with me and I'm going to try to post them onto Flickr soon so I can link to them from here.

Oh, and in case you feel like sending me something (if you don't, no worries), here is my address (it MUST be written just like so):

Corey Polk - Volunteer
Kibbutz Ketura
D.N. Hevel Eilot 88840

You can call me on my cell phone here (from the US) by dialing:

Or, if there's an emergency, you can contact the volunteer office at:

I have been watching the news and I know things seem bad in Israel at the moment, but please know that it is not where I am and I am safe, healthy, and happy.

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