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Coreyoria World Tour

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”

Israel Outdoors >> Update from Israel

Dear Parents and Friends,

Our trip has been amazing so far! During the first part of the trip, we were
in northern Israel where we spent time in the mystical cities of Tsfat and
Tiberias. We also had the opportunity to go on a few hikes in the Golan
Heights and the surrounding area, taste wine from the Golan wineries, and
visit a few beautiful observation points where we saw the entire region
including the boundaries that Israel has with it's Arab neighbors and really
get a grasp of the political conflict in the north. Yesterday was our first
day in Jerusalem and we spent it visiting Mt. Herzl, Israel's military and
national cemetery, and Yad Veshem, Israel's Holocaust memorial and museum.
Today we are touring the Old City/Kotel and will be spending the this
evening at the Taglit birthright Mega event in Jerusalem, which is expecting
to have over 7,000 participants. Also, something special that happened to
our bus yesterday is that we were chosen to send a representative from our
bus to speak at the Taglit birthright Steering committee meeting which was a
wonderful experience for the participant who we chose as well as a proud
moment for our bus. We have a phenomenal tour guide that has made the
experience of being in Israel for the participants memorable.

--Tali & David

Nicole Barda / Israel Outdoors
Tel: 1-800-566-4611 / Fax: 1-303-379-5262
info@israeloutdoors.com / www.israeloutdoors.com

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13/6/06 12:56

FINALLY! Woot.    

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